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Mary-Anne Liles

welcome to my
digital portfolio

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About Me

I’ve been on a mission to capture moments of life with my camera, whether big or small, since 2014. I was determined after a pivotal life event with one of my children that documenting special moments, quirky expressions and living life wouldn’t escape me again. Determined to figure this out, I signed up for my first photography class and off I went. 


I am a wife and mother of two, photographer, traveler, charitable boards member, registered nurse on a sabbatical, Sea Captain licensed Mariner and an adventurer. Most recently I’ve added to this list a business owner. 


I enjoy capturing life as I find it and see it. I hope you enjoy the view.

The surprise in this new learned skill was that my camera was about to open my eyes to many more things than I ever imagined. It has put me on the path of an adventurous life.  

4W3A8015 copy.jpg

view my digital portfolio

here you can have a look at my body of work

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